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An innovative solution to the rising cost of drug-benefit plans

BIOSIMILARS ALONE MAY NOT BE THE ANSWER TO DRUG PLAN SUSTAINABILITY. Given the chronic nature of inflammatory diseases, patients may require multiple biosimilar and/or brand-name biologic therapies over time to treat their disease.1,2

With the BIOLOGICS SAVINGS PARTNERSHIP™, brand name biologics are included at a similar price as biosimilars

Working with an insurance carrier that offers the BIOLOGICS SAVINGS PARTNERSHIP™ presents an option to help with plan sustainability, delivering both immediate- and long-term cost savings for Plan Sponsors and their employees.

Along with potential savings from biosimilars, the BIOLOGICS SAVINGS PARTNERSHIP™ enables access to savings across a breadth of brand name biologics in different classes and with different targets. This provides broader access to a range of biologic treatment options, including newer biologics, without an additional cost burden.

To complement
savings from biosimilars, the
BIOLOGICS SAVINGS PARTNERSHIP™ includes brand name biologics that
work against a variety of different targets

Ask your Insurer if they have the BIOLOGICS SAVINGS PARTNERSHIP™ agreement

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